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Ensemble program

Parents & Citizens performing arts program 

Parents & Citizens (P&C) performing arts has for many years run the popular and fun Hunters Hill Public School (HHPS) band program and HHPS strings program. The program is administered by Teaching Services Australia (TSA), a company with extensive experience and expertise in managing large school band programs. TSA work alongside the P&C performing arts committee to manage the growth and development of the HHPS band program.

P & C band program

The HHPS Band program is available to students in Yrs 3-6.

Participating students not only learn to play in a band and perform in public, but also learn to read music, master an instrument, and develop their overall musical skills. Most students who enter the band program have no prior musical experience – and it is incredible to witness what they can do after only 6 weeks!

The HHPS band program is made up of three bands: the Training Band, the Concert Band and the Showcase Band. The Bands rehearse once a week under the expert guidance of our exceptional and very experienced conductors. Weekly tutorials are also available on school grounds after hours with qualified and accomplished tutors. A band camp takes place annually and offers an intensive workshop of music instruction and performance experience that students find enriching and inspiring.

  • Training Band – Students first enter the HHPS Band Program by joining the Training Band. Towards the end of each year, all Students from year 2 and above are invited to participate in a 'Blow Test', where they can try out some of the different instruments before they decide to join. Musical experience is not required to join Training Band, but all children must participate in lessons on their band instrument. Guidance will be given as to which is an appropriate instrument for each child, and allocation takes into account the requirements for a balanced band. Students will cover basic group performance skills and etiquette, and will gradually explore a repertoire of educational and enjoyable musical pieces aimed at developing them as musicians. The Training Band Programme is currently subsidised by the school P&C to encourage participation and to assist with affordability.
  • Concert Band - Students progress to the Concert Band after completing their first year in Training Band. The Concert Band is the largest and most impressive group in the HHPS Band Program. It is expected that the children in this band will be continuing regular music lessons on their chosen instrument. These can be organised through the P&C Performing Arts committee, held at school, outside school hours. The Concert Band will perform regularly both at school functions, assemblies, and also perform at venues and events outside of school.
  • Showcase Band – this Ensemble is made up of a small group of dedicated students. Participation is via invitation from the Conductor following an informal but transparent selection process. The following will be taken into account when selecting the band: attendance at concert band rehearsals, a commitment to practice, good behaviour and the requirements for a balanced band. Participation is in addition to Concert Band, is optional, and will incur an additional fee.


P & C strings

The HHPS Band program is available to students in Yrs 1-6.

The Strings Ensembles aims to provide a positive introduction to the world of strings. The String Ensembles offer a small supportive, group environment that caters for all ages and levels of ability. Please note that, students will need to organise their own instrument, and may need to arrange their own tutor. We are able to help with information about where to go to find an instrument, and lessons may be held at school. We do have a cello available for short term hire.

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