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Financial contributions and assistance

There are some costs associated with going to school that you may find it helpful to plan and budget for.

These include:

  • uniforms

  • school books and equipment

  • excursions

  • co-curricular activities.

Voluntary school contributions

Like all NSW public schools, we can request contributions to enhance our educational and sporting programs including elective subjects. School contributions help provide additional educational resources for the benefit of students. Payment is voluntary.

For more information, visit the Voluntary School Contribution policy.

Financial assistance

If you are unable to pay school contributions because of financial hardship, you may be eligible for assistance from the school.

Our principal will ensure no student or family suffers any discrimination or embarrassment over the inability to pay school contributions.

If you would like to apply for financial assistance please complete our financial assistance application form and forward it to the school.



Each term families will receive a fees statement for each of their children.  Fees statements include voluntary fees, textbook fees, and participation fees.

Each year schools seek payment of a voluntary contribution in the form of a fee.  It is not compulsory that these fees are paid.

There are, however, additional payments that are sought for activities that are offered to enhance learning experiences such as education, sporting and performing arts activities.  These fees are required to be paid for students to participate.  For the purposes of this notice, they will be described as participation fees.

You will also be asked to make small payments of textbook fees.

Voluntary Contribution Fees

Voluntary School Contribution:  Supplements departmental allocations to enable and support school programs.

Technology Levy:  Supporting technology through the school eg purchase of apps, software and hardware, and resources.

Resource Levy:  Supports the cost of photocopying and the provision of classroom materials throughout the school year.

Please see following related points from the DET Voluntary School Contribution Policy Statement.

1.1 All schools can request contributions to enhance their educational and sporting programs.

1.2 School contributions are voluntary and payment is a matter for decision by parents.

1.3 There will be no charge to fulfil the minimum requirements of the curriculum.

1.6 Principals will ensure that no student or family suffers any discrimination or embarrassment over failure to make a voluntary or subject contribution. Confidentiality, privacy and dignity must always be maintained concerning contributions.

Textbook Fees

To cover the cost of textbooks purchased for each child.  Whilst no child will miss out on receiving a text book, it is an expectation that textbook fees are paid.

Participation Fees

Fees charged for participation in activities such as PSSA, school swimming, school sports carnivals, excursions, and incursions.  The funds are used to cover the cost of things including provider fees, entrance fees and transport.

Please note that these fees must be paid in order for your child to participate in these activities. If you have difficulty meeting the cost of participation fees please contact our office to discuss your circumstances in strictest confidence.

The school retains no monies collected from participation fees.

Please see following related points from the DET Voluntary School Contribution Policy Statement.

1.4 Schools may charge students for elective subjects that go beyond the minimum requirements of the curriculum.

1.5 Parents who are unable to pay for elective subjects because of financial hardship may be eligible for assistance from the school.

Families are issued with termly statements of fees which can be paid via the Parent Online Portal (POP) system which is the preferred method of payment.  Debit cards are also accepted.